Sunday, 6 November 2011

Aquaman #2

Series: Aquaman
Words: Geoff Johns
Images: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado 
Issue Number: 2
Release Date: It reads December 2011 but we got it in October
Format: Single Issue comic

If you have read the review of issue 1 of Aquaman you already know that this relaunch title is one that has impressed and surprised me. I walked into reading Aquaman with disgustingly low expectations and well it has blown those out of the water.
A little research has shown me that this is not the first time Johns has taken the laughing stock of D.C. and turned it into a serious character (the Flash). At this point it is seamless and by issue two the tension is already building. I am no longer picking up Aquaman expecting to mock the character the entire time. Johns has certainly demonstrated enough skill in these two issues that I will be keeping my eyes open for his works in the future. 
The story line itself? Reads like a very well written B movie at this point. I know that seems to go against everything I just said about Aquaman being more serious. But it builds off of the first issue. I am guessing that Johns is using that as a stepping stone into more serious territory.
This issue we see the Aquaman jokes continue. Only this time instead of laughing I found myself actually feeling his frustration.
One of the smartest moves Johns has made with his writing has been to write each issue so that they can be read as stand alones but still contain a story that builds on each other. You can pick up issue two of Aquaman and start reading right away. I have not seen a comic in the relaunch that has done this so effectively. Johns has done the best job so far of making me care about a new character I never have before. He also has done the best job of pacing so that new readers can pick up his series and just start reading. Each of the issues have given little emotional hooks that leave the reader caring about the lead character. So if you were thinking about picking up Aquaman but can’t find an issue one to start with? You can grab issue two and jump in right away.
I love Aquaman’s wife Mera. She is strong. She is powerful. She dislikes being called “Aquawoman” since her name is Mera. In issue two we see a little more of her. In a lot of senses she is presented as being his equal. Even if Johns was not making me fall in love with Aquaman I would probably still pick this up for Mera. I am looking forward to seeing much more of her and during this issue we actually saw signs she will develop as a character. 
One area I have not really discussed in terms of Aquaman is the art. I like how Ivan Reis and Joe Padro compliment the moods of the comic. It is bright and light during touching moments and when everything is fine. The colours darken as the tension builds. The detail in the essentially a horde of villains is amazing.

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