Friday, 4 November 2011

Wonder Woman #2

Series: Wonder Woman
Words: Brian Azzarello
Images: Cliff Chiang
Issue Number: 2
Release Date: It reads December 2011 but we got it in October
Format: Single Issue comic
This second issue has put to rest any of the few concerns I may have had after reading issue one of Wonder Woman (and there weren't really many). Issue two of Wonder Woman still reads like an episode of Xena. And this is still a good thing in my book. We are seeing a little more of Diana getting drawn into the conflict with the Olympian Gods. And I like how it is playing out.
There are a few shifts to the Wonder Woman’s back story. Stife / Eris states while held by Wonder Woman's lasso that they are sisters. Implying that either Zeus had a hand in Diana's creation. At times in the past (though usually in the cartoon movies) it has been implied that Hades lent a hand in Wonder Woman’s creation from clay. Of course this information comes from Strife/Eris and if anyone would be able to mislead while telling the truth it would probably be her.
I really like the mortal and human side kick that Wonder Woman is protecting from Hera. Or at least potentially protecting from Hera. There is this one little side conversation (that is not linked to the plot at all) where Hermes is trying to find out what form Zeus came to her as. And she very quickly and effectively shuts down Hermes’ slut shaming. It pleases me to see sexually expressive women showing up in comics in a way that does not feel like an exploited caricature. My hat goes off to the writing team for finding that balance.
The art is growing on me more and more it seems with every issue I read. I am really starting to adore Chiang’s work. Normally I follow the writers more then the artists but in the last few months I have started paying attention more to the people who create amazing art in comics. I have started watching out for the ones whose work elevate the story beyond just words. Chiang’s style really compliments the story well.
I love that his version of Wonder Woman is less cheese cake then I have seen in the past. She is still a beautiful dark haired Amazonian princess but there is a little more of a classic feel to the look.  
The design behind the Olympians is also very appealing. I cannot imagine it is easy to try and make something flat and two dimensional appear other worldly but still recognizable. Chiang with his use of size and colour has managed to seamlessly express that.
I hope the these two have a long run with Wonder Woman because I am loving what they are doing together.
Well worth picking up. Well worth reading. As a Wonder Woman fan girl I am very pleased with this version of her and looking forward to reading more. It is something that I would consider accessible enough to lend out to friends who are not as into Wonder Woman or D.C. as I am. Especially worth checking out if you enjoy stories that play with old myths or if you like the Greek / Roman gods.
If you know me flip through the first two issues next time you are over. Or borrow the trade when it comes out because this is one I look forward to buying again in Trade.

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