Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Aquaman #1

Serise:  Aquaman
Words: Geoff Johns
Images:  Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
Issue Number: 1
Release Date: In reality September but our cover reads November 2011
Format: Comic

So the mister made me read aquaman. Don't get me wrong. I like my DC as you have seen. But Aquaman? My thought on him typically run along the lines of Hark A Vagrant's take on the character . I have never ever considered him a serious character. Ever. And my live in lovely has forced (bought and let) me watch almost every modern DC cartoon in all of ever (and most of the Marvel ones). So at his request I read Aquaman. When he first added it to the pull list I was planning on skipping it. But when the person who does all the garbage removal and recycling for the apartment asks you to do something it is in your best interests to listen. Thank goodness he can not cook or really he would have way too much power over me.

Aquaman was fun. It was hilarious. The author made fun of and played with my opinions on the character. There are some great moments like him trying to order did and chips and the entire restaurant freaking out. Or cops worrying about the teasing they will get for being saved by Aquaman. I found myself amused but also engaged way more then I was expecting.

 Somehow this incarnation of the Atlantian king became a relatable and interesting character. Some how Aquaman became an actual hero outside of water. And the true strength of the writing was I was so busy laughing at the comic making fun of both me and the character I did not notice how it was setting up for some potential serious business. There is of course only so long that joke can continue to be funny so hopefully in the following issues we will see more of the seriousness and a little less of the laughing at itself. But for a reintroduction a character who is mostly a joke it was perfect. The author is now set up to actually develop the character beyond being a joke. I have a decent amount of faith that the author will. With how it was eased into through the first issue impressed me. 

This comic is not for everyone. It is good but it is by no means a gateway comic. The biggest impact will be with people familiar with DC and with people who like reading hero comics but want something fresh. That being said it is one of the stronger reboots that I have read. It entertained, it amused, and most importantly it left me excited to read more about a character I had never cared about previously.

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