Friday, 28 October 2011

American Vampires

Series: American Vampires
Words: Scott Snyder & Stephen King
Images: Rafael Albuquerque
Issue Number: 1
Release Date:
Format: Trade Paperback
To be honest? I was expecting to not fall in love with this one. It takes a heck of an impressive vampire story to impress me. American Vampires is a great example of horror with a twist. I loved it. I can’t wait to read more. As a matter of fact I have already lent this trade out to try and suck more friends into reading it (and I have only owned it for a forty eight hours).
It starts out telling two stories side by side that intersect. You have a Western story with a vampire twist and then a more recent (but not present day) story about an aspiring actress who has dreams of making it big.
One of the things that impressed me most about the writing was how seamlessly the two authors worked together. I have not seen two very different authors bend so well since I read Good Omens by Gaiman and Prachett. Usually I can pick up on author changes even in trades. American Vampires was seamless.
I devoured this trade. I will be buying more. I will probably be picking up the rest of the trades next week because well I lack will power and self control and… it was good. What was good about it? American Vampires takes a traditional vampire story and gives it a twist.
It is a great story about the underdog who is fighting against establishment. Really is there any wonder it appealed to me?
And while the writers skirt the edges of creating MarySue like vampires in the female lead at least they give them enough weakness (both in the female leads compassion and caring for others and in terms of working in actual weaknesses) that well it actually seems to balance out.
I love the art. It is not as visually stunning as Batwoman but it does not have to be. The art compliments the story well. The level of detail was perfect.
By the end of the first trade I did not feel like I was reading mostly set up. By the end of what should have been the first comic I did not feel like I was reading mostly set up. What you get is a collection of self contained stories that continue to build on each other and overlap.
American Vampires is another great gate way comic for people who like graphic novels but shy away from the super heroes. If you love horror and you are not reading it you should be.

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