Monday, 13 August 2012

Back in business

I have been very neglectful of comics, refrigerators and deconstruction and for that I apologize.

For those of you who have been wondering where I disappeared to since last November I was abducted by my own birthday and thought I would take a week or so off since I had some vacation time coming up (I take most of December off of work).
The plan was to use some of that time while I was away visiting family to build up a back log of reviews so that if life happens I could have a pile of prewritten reviews to fall back onto to continue feeding the blog. Tragically that was when life decided to happen. My December was filled with helping out with a small child while a family member of mine went overseas to spend time with a very dear aunt of mine who had just be diagnosed with a large and aggressive brain tumour.
Once that had slowed down I was in a situation where I was waiting to find out if I was or wasn’t going to be laid off from work due to funding limitations. And trying to balance my budget with severely reduced hours at work.
During that time I started to have some new health problems myself. The symptoms were so severe that at times I was on notice for going into the hospital for emergency testing. Luckily it turns out I just have severe IBS rather than any of the alternatives (I never thought I would find myself saying luckily I have IBS). The lead up to finding out the diagnosis though left me with little time for reading comics much less blogging. The stress of it all flared up a lot of my other chronic health conditions and left me with some pretty severe fatigue and in some pretty severe and chronic pain.
Luckily that has all calmed down and I am finally back on vacation only this time with the ability to read comics again!
The plan is to review the single issues in lumps of story arcs and also catch you up on the trades that I have stumbled on. I am quite hopeful there wont ever be another backlog quite like this one.

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