Friday, 30 September 2011

Wonder Woman #1

Series: Wonder Woman
Words: Brian Azzarello
Images: Cliff Chiang
Issue Number: 1
Release Date: In reality September but our cover reads November 2011
Format: Comic

I have been avoiding reading Wonder Woman out of fear of crushing disappointment. I adore Wonder Woman. At least most of the time and with most writers. She also sometimes fills me with huge amounts of rage. Since my reactions to the DC new 52 and women seems so far to be very hit and miss and very ... well love it or hate it I was a little scared of reading this one.

So I opened up a bottle of wine and I slowly worked my way through the pages. There was also emergency chocolate and olives near by just in case it was that bad.

Over all? I liked it.

What a huge weight off of my shoulders. It was not horrible!

Honestly? The story read like an episode of Xena (which isn't a bad thing in my book). It was cheesy and campy and fun. It is involving a lot more Olympians then a lot of what I was reading of her before. I like the return to the mythical roots. But then I've always had a weak spot for mythology and campy dark haired warrior women. Especially when they rescue cute blond women (See... totally an episode of Xena)! I'm actually looking forward to reading more.

The story itself features a new character. A mortal woman named Zola. Who in a great nod to myth is carrying the product of one of Zeus' marital indiscretions. Apparently Hera was not happy (again). And things are heating up with the Olympians and some of the other children. Honestly if it was not steeped in myth I was be a little put out by the story. But it does read like a modern update to Greek and Roman mythology. And well lets face it Zeus never did learn in the old myths.

I was pleased with the front cover of issue one. It seemed to be a blending of modern comic style with something more historic. Very iconic and very almost I want to say pop art. Though I'm sure my graphic design friends will correct me later.

The costume has switched back to a more traditional Wonder Woman costume. Which I was a little disappointed by. I was one of the few people who seemed to like the new Wonder Woman costume. While I understand it was less iconic it was certainly a little more realistic. I have no idea how she manages to keep that costume on. I swear in addition to a lasso of truth she has magic costume holding on tape.

Women in wonder woman is something I've always been interested in. She's been one of the most slowly developed characters in the D.C. universe in some ways. She's frequently regressed. In terms of Wonder Woman's actual character development? There isn't enough story yet for me to get a sense of where they are going to go with her development.

In terms of how women in general have been handled in the comic? Certainly the villain seems to view women as expendable. Though it was explained within a Greek/Roman context of tapping into the three fates.

I am amused that there was this minor comic blog explosion over the Batwoman change scene (not mentioned in my review because honestly it didn't register as anything untoward on my several readings). But in the week or so since Wonder Woman has come out I haven't seen people up in arms over the bed room sleeping scene.

One part of me did a little geek dance to find that the hot amazon slept nakedly and I got to see some drawn leg. The other part of me wondered about what that actually added to the plot?

I would not suggest running out and buying the first issue. I would however suggest adding it to a trade paper back list when it comes out that far.

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  1. The original creator of Wonder Woman was very careful to depict her as a very glamorous woman, yet courageous and empowered. It was a definitely positive treatment of the subject.